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To Do List

It's been a thousand years since I posted here. I returned to WoW in late November after having quit in early April of 2013. I tried hooking back up with my old guild and raid organization, but things weren't really working out. My guild was full on regular raiders, so I couldn't get a raid spot. I filled in for some people over the Holidays, but I knew it wouldn't be permanent. Plus I was way behind on gear.

Blizzard launched their Black Friday sale of the Battle Chest (Vanilla-Cata) for $5 and they bumped RAF benefits up to level 85. Plus, they made heirlooms cross realm. So on December 10, I RAF-ed myself and rolled my first Horde toons on Zul'jin. I started in a reroll guild that had JUST bumped their level cap up to 85. So I quickly leveled my first duo (Priest/Pally) to 85, only to have the whole guild fall apart and move to another server to play Alliance after only my first Cata raid with them on my Pally.

I wanted to stick to my plan of a fresh start as Horde, so I stayed on Zul'jin and found another guild that wanted my Shaman for healing. I had just gotten her to 85 with my second duo (Shaman/Monk), so I hurriedly leveled her to 90, got my TI gear, started working on my Legendary quest, and ran some Flex with the new guild. Unfortunately, it wasn't a good fit. They all had the maturity level of 18 year old boys, constantly throwing around the n-word and homophobic terms. I'm fine with cursing. I curse like a sailor myself. But I don't do well with derogatory language. So I looked for a new guild.

The next guild I found was just making the transition from 10-mans to 25-mans, but they had cleared most of SoO normal in their two 10-man raids. They wanted my Shaman to be ilvl 540 before they would bring her into a raid. I was around 530 at this point, but 540 seemed a long way off without having access to normal raids and still being over a month from my cloak.

I eventually got tired of always being excluded and of making them hold the raid spot for me, with no idea about when I'd actually hit 540. So I started looking again and found my current guild, which I LOVE. I get along well with most of the people. I feel like a real member and contributor. I've made full raider rank now and have access to the guild bank. And I've gotten my cloak and gotten my ilvl to 555. We've cleared through Malkorak so far. The guild runs two raid groups and right before I joined, they lost a bunch of people all at once. Those people had been in a guild together previously and merged with my current guild, but I guess they weren't happy with the raid progress, so they all left for another guild together. That meant both raid groups had some holes and there was a lot of reshuffling of regulars between the two groups. But in the past week or two, things have smoothed out and both groups are back to progression. I really love my raid group, but I also enjoy getting to run Flex with some of the members of the other group on Sunday nights.

In the mean time, I finished leveling every class to at least 85. I used the bonus levels from my first two duos to boost a Druid to 85. Then I leveled up a Warrior/Mage duo and a Hunter/Warlock duo. I used the bonus levels from those to get my Rogue and DK to 85 the week before my RAF expired. Since then I leveled my Monk to 90 with the intent of healing on her. But once I hit 90 and got her geared enough for LFR, I realized I complete suck at Monk healing. Like REALLY badly. Like the tanks were outhealing me. I've read the guides and understand the mechanics, but it just doesn't click with me at all.

When the WoD pre-orders went live and I got my 90 boost, I used it on my Warrior, whom I LOVE. I have had SO MUCH FUN as DPS. I've never raided as DPS before. I've only ever healed or tanked in anything bigger than a 5-man. So it was a revelation to experience how much less stressful DPS is. Sure you still have to pay attention and know the mechanics and maximize your DPS, but there are very few situations where your mess up can cause a wipe. Whereas with a healer and especially a tank, you have so much more responsibility and liability.

Last weekend a friend of mine who hadn't played in over three years returned to the game and I convinced him to boost a toon on my realm. He leveled a DK to 60 and then used his boost for the 600 professions. I boosted my Priest to play with him I showed him all around TI and generally taught him about all the things that have changed and how to best progress your toon for PVE now. After running some LFR though, he decided he didn't like playing melee in the current content, so he transferred over a VERY old level 61 orc Hunter he hadn't played since BC and boosted him. He's been playing the Hunter since and even brought him to Flex with the guild on Sunday night. I think he's having a nice time.

When he boosted the Hunter, I boosted my Pally so I could run all over TI with him again. But now that he's got his Hunter doing LFR, I've gone back to playing my Priest with him. My priest is up to ilvl 511 already. She got two drops off of Ordos at the same time! None of my other toons has ever even gotten ONE drop off of Ordos! She also got her LFR T16 chest last night, as well as a couple of upgrades out of ToT, so she's coming right along. I'm just so comfortable with her after having played Disc so much in the past. She's my third max level Disc Priest, plus I have a level 41 out there somewhere.

Anyway, with the new lockout starting today and all these alts to manage now, I've decided to put together a little to do list.


  • Pick up Warforged Seals

  • Kill Ordos

  • SoO Normal Tuesday/Thursday

  • Upgrade, reforge, gem, and enchant any new gear


  • Pick up Warforged Seals

  • Kill Celestials and Ordos

  • Finish Sigils for Black Prince

  • Run 1st and 4th wings of ToT for chance at a weapon

  • Run as much of SoO LFR as I can

  • Ask about running Flex on Sunday if I get a weapon


  • Pick up Warforged Seals

  • Kill Celestials and Ordos

  • Finish Sigils for Black Prince

  • Start Black Prince rep farming

  • Run as much of SoO LFR as I can

  • Ask about running Flex on Sunday depending on ilvl


  • Pick up Warforged Seals

  • Kill Celestials and Ordos

  • Start running ToT LFR

  • Maybe run T14 LFR for off-spec weapon


  • Pick up Warforged Seals

  • Kill Celestials and Ordos

The Priest Experiment

Okay, so I know I haven't posted to this journal in years, but I wanted to use this space to keep track of my plan to level and gear my Priest before 5.2 hits. I will specifically plan out the next several days and then set some more general goals for the coming weeks. Keep in mind that I raid Tues/Weds from 9:00pm-midnight, Friday from 10:00pm-1:00am, Sunday from 7:00-10:00pm, and Monday from 9:00pm-midnight. I've also made a commitment to eat dinner with my husband every night, no matter what. So my weeknight play time (outside of raids) is particularly limited.

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I haven't posted since Cataclysm went live, so I thought I would take a little time to tell you what I've been up to in the expansion and to share some of my thoughts.

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Kingslayer x2

Well, last week was interesting. I decided to do a bit of raiding on my Pally on Tuesday and Wednesday. We extended the raid lockout from the previous week and only had Lich Kin up. We spent three hours wiping in P2. Then we were short on sign-ups for Wednesday. So we decided to switch to 10-man and luckily I got one of the healer spots. After nearly three hours of wiping on Lich King, we got him down.

This put a bit of a wrinkle in my plans, as it meant I was now saved on my Pally. I had been planning to do a 10-man achievement run on Sunday with my Druid. So now I had no toon to bring to my usual Thursday and Friday night raids. I ended up quickly speccing, gemming, and reforging my Shaman to get her playable by Thursday's raid. I had the 264 boots crafted and scrounged together the best gear I could. She was still only sitting at about 5400 GS when I took her into ICC25 Thursday night.

I actually managed to do incredibly well, topping the healing meters. We spent some time working on heroics, so we ended up only clearing Frost wing and the first two in Plague wing. Friday night we cleared the rest, getting a record 6 Heroics down in one week. We had two hours left in the raid when we arrived at Arthas. I fully expected to spend the full two hours wiping and never make it to P3. This group had only killed Arthas once before, many months ago, and most of the people weren't actually there for that. I'd say maybe 5-8 people had killed Arthas before and maybe 15 had actually seen the fight before? To my complete and utter shock, we one-shotted him!

At this point I had gotten Kingslayer on two toons in one week and still didn't have it on my main. I was hoping to pick it up on Sunday, but alas, it was not meant to be. We struggled to fill out our Achievement 10-man, and actually 9-manned the first few bosses. We got all of the normal mode achievements except for Sindy. Hopefully we can work on heroics this coming Sunday and somehow manage to get the Sindy achieve at the same time or the following week, because after that we are out of time! I'm going to tell the raid lead that, no matter what, we need to get LK down at some point so I can get the title form my Druid. I don't want to keep saving her lockout for a group that's not going to LK down before Cata.

In other news, I've been leveling my Hunter and Mage. I feel like I wasted some effort on my Hunter, because I got her to 72 before I found out they are reducing the 70-80 exp requirements in today's patch. As soon as I read that, I stopped working on her (she was almost out of rested anyway) and started working on my Mage. OMG, my Mage is SO fun! I specced him Arcane and he literally one-shots quest mobs when he crits with Arcane Blast. Even when he doesn't crit, mobs are dead in a maximum of three casts. It's fantastic! I am having so much fun with him that I think it'll be hard to switch back to my Hunter when he runs out of rested.

I don't know if I'm going to get all of my To Do list items done by December 7. I have raids tonight and tomorrow on my Pally, we are going out of town Thursday and Friday, Friday night we're going to a hockey game, Saturday night we're going to another hockey game, and Sunday I'm raiding on my Druid. That doesn't leave a ton of time for leveling my Hunter and Mage and meanwhile, I am sorely tempted to roll one of the new race/class combos today to check out some of the new Azeroth content. Right now I'm leaning toward some sort of Mage, just because that seems to be so fun.

To Do Before 12/7/2010

As promised, here is the list of things I would like to accomplish before Cataclysm launches. These are in no particular order for now:

1. Get my Hunter to 80.
2. Transfer my Mage to my main account.
3. Level my Mage to 80.
4. Stock up 4000 Justice Points on my Druid.
5. Stock up 4000 Justice Points on my Pally.
6. Figure out a Balance leveling spec for my Druid and practice it a bit.
7. Figure out a Balance gear set for my Druid.
8. Figure out a Ret and Prot leveling spec for my Pally.
9. Figure out a Ret and Prot gear set for my Pally.
10. Maybe work on specs and gear for my Shaman, if I have time.
11. Maybe work on specs and gear for my Priest, if I have time.
12. Read up a bit on Cata leveling so I have a plan for launch day.
13. Figure out what the heck I'm going to do about rolling a Worgen and/or Goblin eventually.


Cata On My Mind

Hi everyone! It's been FOREVER since I posted. I ended up taking a long break from the game over the summer, but returned a couple of months ago in order to start preparing for Cataclysm. I've mostly been playing my Druid as my raiding main. It took a bit of time for me to get everything working again after the 4.01 patch. I had to figure out spec and spells and reforging and regemming and all that fun stuff. I thought that was bad, but I've since gone through the same process for a couple of my other toons and let me tell you that Druid was EASY by comparison.

I've also leveled up my Warrior to 80 and I started working on my Hunter again (without dual-boxing with my Mage) and she is now 68 and headed to Northrend. Earlier this week, I got it into my head to try out healing on my Pally. I had actually switched my Pally to be primarily Prot before taking my break from the game. After I read the initial class previews for Cataclysm, I figured I wouldn't want to heal on my Pally anymore and decided to make my Druid my raiding main. I had a decent time tanking heroics on my Pally before I took my break.

However, I'm joining a new 10-man guild for raiding in Cataclysm and that group already has a Resto Druid, so I thought I might try out my Pally a bit to see about balancing our raid a little better. I took a bunch of time speccing, setting up he action bars, digging up the best Plate gear I could find in her bank and on the AH (she had a lot of Mail gear, since that was best for Holy Pallies pre-patch). I tried my hand in some Heroics and it took some getting used to, but I did alright.

Tuesday night I took her on a ICC25 raid and that was a different story. First of all, I was having a lot of trouble with mods. My !Bang Art of War mod was no longer showing my Judgements of the Pure buff, so I was having a hard time staying on top of Judging. I was REALLY having a hard time keeping an eye on the default Holy Power bar to know when to cast Word of Glory. So mid raid, I was alt-tabbing and looking for new mods. I wasn't doing a great job paying attention and ended up dying to stupid things I NEVER die to on my Druid. I bet the raid thought I was a complete noob.

After I finally got my mods working the way I wanted them, I was doing better at paying attention, but not a lot better with the healing throughput. Pally healing is just a MASSIVE amount of work now. A huge percentage of it is proc-based. Holy Shock procs Speed of Light, which lets you cast a faster Divine Light. But, it also occasionally procs Infusion of Light, which lets you cast a faster Holy Light. Daybreak procs let you cast two Holy Shocks in a row. Eternal Glory procs let you cast two Words of Glory in a row. Light of Dawn is on a crazy long cooldown and requires very specific positioning, so you are having to constantly be aware of where you are and how much time is left on the cooldown. You have to wait for three Holy Power before casting Word of Glory. It's just a TON of different timers, buffs, and resources to be keeping track of at one time. It almost feels like a priority-based DPS rotation more than healing.

So, you do ALL of this work and give yourself a headache trying to watch about 200 things on your screen all at the same time and what do you get for it? About 1/3 the total healing that a decent Druid can do. It is honestly at least 10 times the work for 1/3 the healing I get on my Druid. So what is the point? Why would you even want a Holy Pally in your raid. The only thing I can think of is possible Blessing of Might and an Aura. But I sincerely doubt any raid leader would want to sacrifice 1/2 to 2/3 of the healing a healer could do for those things. I am thinking my 10-man raid guild will be far better off with two Resto Druids than they would be with a Resto Druid and a Holy Pally.

This post was supposed to be sort of a todo list in preparation for the expansion, but I got way off track. I will just do that in another post later today.

Been a While

It's been a while since I last posted and a lot of things have happened. I've continued to work on my DK some, especially on Saturday. I had my first raid with her (ToC 25) on Saturday night, so I spent all day Saturday running heroics and normal ICC and ToC 5-mans to try to get some last minute DPS gear. I only managed to get a cloak out of normal FoS and some boots from reaching exalted with Ebon Hold. So that was a bit disappointing. I also went ahead and spent some Emblems of Triumph on the DPS Sigil.

The raid went okay. I wasn't dead last on the DPS meters, despite having the lowest gear score, so I felt like I contributed as best I could. There were a ton of drops that I rolled on, but I only ended up winning one, a DPS cloak off of Anub, which I found ironic since I ended up replacing the one piece of DPS gear I'd managed to pick up with all my instance farming earlier in the day. I won't get to raid on her this weekend, since I'm going out of town, but hopefully I can make Ony/Toc 25 a regular thing for her and eventually gear her up a bit more.

I also went ahead and invested in Dual spec for her so I could maintain a tank spec and a DPS spec without having to switch specs and glyphs for raids every week. While I'm perfectly fine tanking heroics with her and prefer tanking, it will be a while longer before I'm comfortable signing her up as a tank for raids. So now she has her very own DPS spec and glyphs as well as almost a full set of DPS gear. There are still a couple slots where I'm having to use tank gear in her DPS set.

Aside from doing my random daily on my DK, I've been working on my Warrior. I ended up faction changing her back to Alliance last week. And instead of making her a Human again, I decided to make her a Dwarf modeled after my first ever WoW character. I've been having a lot of fun with her. I got her up to 68 late last week so she could head off to Northrend, but instead of doing that, I decided to go back and skill up her mining. She was only at 225, and it seemed like it had been a waste to level her through Outland without being able to mine along the way and I didn't want to make it even more of a waste to level through Northrend. So I went back to mining Mithril, then Thorium in Burning Steppes before taking her to Outland to get her skill up to the necessary 350 to start mining Cobalt.

That took me most of the day Sunday, so I only got to level her a tiny bit on Sunday night and about 40 minutes last night. So, she is now about 1/4 of the way through 69. Hopefully I'll at least be able to get in her first random dungeon tonight for her first Emblems of Triumph, but it's looking like it will probably be a pretty busy evening at home, so we'll see. It would be *really* nice if I could get her to 70 tonight, but I'm not counting on it, since she'll likely run out of rested status before then.

DK Progress

Well, it's been a bit over a week since my DK hit 80 and she's fairly well decked out in tanking gear now. I had Saronite Swordbreakers crafted for her because the drop and emblem options were pretty much non-existent. She's picked up a lot of good gear out of ToC and the ICC 5-mans in both normal and heroic. She'd also accumulated a lot of Emblems of Triumph, so I've bought her the ilvl 245 tanking helm and shoulders and her T9 gloves. I also purchased her ilvl 245 tanking Sigil early on. My next emblem purchase will be the T9 legs. Then probably the chest. I likely won't bother with the 4-piece and I'll just keep using the single ilvl 245 Helm and Shoulders. My first Frost purchase will be the tanking belt, I'm fairly sure. As the options for tanking belts from drops and emblems are pretty limited as well.

In other news, I faction changed my Warrior today. I've been loving tanking and gearing up my DK and now that I'm almost done with that, I decided I needed a new project. I haven't decided whether to make her a Dwarf or Human. I conducted a poll on wow_ladies and Dwarf won overwhelmingly. But she was originally a Human and it might feel weird not to go back to that. Female Dwarf Warriors are so rare that it would be nice to have one and feel special. But I like the Human racials better, with Every Man For Himself and the rep bonus. Grr, it's going to ba a tough choice. I think I'm leaning slightly toward Dwarf. If I end up hating it, then I can always fork over $20 and race change her later...

DK Dings 80

I dinged 80 on my DK on Sunday. I was out of rested status for most of the last level, but I couldn't bear to wait for it to accumulate again. I ended up dinging in Zul Drak after having finished up my questing in Grizzly Hills. She ended up only questing through Borean Tundra, Dragonblight, Grizzly Hills, and about 1/3-1/2 of Zul Drak. That means I can go back and quest for money in Howling Fjord, Sholazar Basin, Storm Peaks, and Icecrown if I so choose. I might do it, because I'm kind of getting tired of not having epic flight speed with her.

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